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          Foundation History

          1957 LB Smith Photo

          The Foundation is committed to make the communities in which A. O. Smith has operations better places to live and work. It achieves this by partnering with and supporting higher education, cultural and social welfare, medical research, and improved health services. 

          Foundation History Timeline

          2015: The A. O. Smith Foundation celebrates its 60th anniversary

          1985: Matching Gift Program created, program encourages employees to support colleges and universities by matching their donations on a dollar-for-dollar basis

          1978: L. B. Smith partners with Carlton Wilson, CEO of the Robert. W Baird Company, and together started a campaign to fund the construction of the first campus building at the Medical College of Wisconsin

          1972: L. B. Smith joins the Medical College of Wisconsin Board

          1960: Scholarship Program initiated for children of employees

          1951: Foundation formally organizes as the Glennellen Foundation

          1955: L. B. (Ted) Smith reestablishes the Glennellen Foundation as the A. O. Smith Foundation

          1930: Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Smith establish a convalescent home for children suffering with Tuberculosis

          1904: Start of the Red Feather Campaign, now known as United Way. A. O. Smith begins supporting the campaign; a relationship that is now in its 111th year.